Pascal-Michel Dubois – Garçonnière


Preview Friday 11th September, 7.30pm – 10pm

Exhibition continues until 3rd October

Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm

Finissage: Artist talk, Veggie meatballs & pasta plus film screening on Saturday 3rd October, 6pm

Admission Free

‘With this exhibition, Pascal-Michel Dubois wryly returns to the machinery of his unfettered student existence, illuminating it through the tragicomic personage of ‘the Bachelor’, evoking ‘a remembrance of things past’ in terms of the shared isolation of young student life. Bachelor in this sense is a historical identity or role that fits men and women, a self-contained monastery cell for the supposedly studious, a costume for ‘the man about town’. It is a form of qualification, a cliché on the prowl. Dubois uses the French word ‘“Garçonnière” (Bachelor Pad), to describe this figure’s lair, home to the solitary force of contemporary nature that is the ideal unattached worker. Pascal-Michel Dubois works to stage the bachelor dream as a form of habitat, as a return of the mythical ‘Bachelor Machine’; a circumscribed nature in which separated partial objects circulate together as bit parts in half a drama. Rediscovered black & white photographs of his old Art School ‘cell’ become the score of a kind of orchestration in which various carefully crafted and found objects play together. Unwittingly reinterpreting an iconic scene from the classic 1960’s movie ‘The Apartment’ we find a video test screening of a young Dubois preparing a pasta dish … P-M Dubois a.k.a Jack Lemmon … All this almost adds up to something – to a some kind of questionable and elusive personage out of time. Such interwoven forms reinforce the ubiquitous sense of identity and purpose that Dubois partially lays out. He allows a surprisingly outlandish ‘Bachelor of Art’ strangeness to unfurl in and across time, creating the measure of an identifiable role without guarantee.’

Phil King, 2015




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