BEEP 2016: This must be the place I never wanted to leave…

Preview: Friday 5th August, 6pm

Exhibition continues until 3rd September

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11-5pm

Admission Free


BEEP 2016: Catalogue (external link)


Beep (Biennial exhibition of painting) is Wales’s only large scale contemporary international painting exhibition taking place at different venues every two years. This year will see the main Beep exhibition tour from Swansea to Wrexham and include satellite exhibitions, events and residencies in and around Swansea, Wrexham and Cardiff.

This year’s theme ‘This must be the place I never wanted to leave’ aims to explore notions of perception, memory and belonging grounded in a place, space or time.

The evocative realization of this ‘place’ evokes abstract perceptions. Psychological impressions, physical memory, re-imagined and reconstituted fragments develop from deep felt multi- sensory experiences.

The recognition of ‘the place I never wanted to leave’ (and may have left, by will or necessity) becomes a profound awareness of the elusive nature of objective reality.  In longing for another place and time suggests a longing to restore totality of being.  In the same way a smell, a sound or a sight momentarily transport us to the centre of an experience in place, so can the image.

The winner will be announced at the opening of Beep Swansea on August 5th and will be awarded with £1000 and a solo exhibition with elysiumgallery in 2017. The people’s prize winner will be announced at the end of the Beep Wrexham exhibition.

The exhibiting artists:

Susan Absolon, Sinead Aldridge, Kayde Anobile, Tom Banks, Pip Barrett, Jo Berry, Heather Brammeier, Philip Cheater, Jenny Chisholm, Minyoung Choi, Michelle Conway, Daniel Crawshaw, Paul Crook, Eugenia Cuellar, Gordon Dalton, Lara Davies, Lisa Denyer, Tom Down, Heather Eastes, Andrew Ekins, Louise Giovanelli, Gabriela Giroletti, Penny Hallas, Sky Kim, Ilona Kiss (image), Arron Kuiper, Paraic Leahy, Susanna Lisle, Catrin Llwydd, Jaya Mansberger, Enzo Marra, Mary McCrae, Anna McNeil, Liam O’Connor, Alan Rees-Baynes, Andre Stitt, Eifion Sven-Myer, Mircea Teleaga, Christopher Twigg, Richard Twose, Francisco Valdes, Lois Wallace, Tim Warren, Ian Watson, Laura Welsman, Fran Williams, Richard Williams, Camilla Wilson, Tong Zhang

Selector: Jonathan Powell

Judges: Shani Rhys-James & Jonathan Watkins

Beep Swansea: 5th Aug – 3rd September, Swansea College of Art

Beep Wrexham: 7th Oct – 5th November, Undegun, This Project, Wrexham

Beep Cardiff: Nov 16th – 23rd December, Arcade Cardiff

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Painting Parallels

Painting Parallels

2nd – 27th August 2016

Preview Tuesday 2nd August 6pm

The Grand Theatre Arts Wing

Admission Free

This exhibition situated on the second floor of the Grand Theatre Arts wing brings together a selected group of Welsh painters who work collectively within the Swansea arts community but tread very different paths within the medium of paint.

Painting Parallels is a part of this years’ Beep Wales Contemporary International Painting Prize series of exhibitions taking place across the city. See for full programme of events

This exhibition is curated by Beep & elysiumgallery Director Jonathan Powell



Marja Bonada: Pendulum Paintings

Preview Friday 12th August 2016 – 7pm

Exhibition continues until 27th August

Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm

Admission Free

The work in this exhibition is an experiment in attempting to find a way to visualise the energy of the Earth; to prove that it exists.

Bonada, during making the paintings came to realise that energy is present in so many forms, and the bigger picture became simultaneously impossibly complicated and elegantly simple. According to Einstein’s theory that any object that possesses mass, it also possesses energy in a corresponding amount, E = mc2 states that Energy = Mass x the Speed of light squared. Therefore Earth must possess an unfathomable amount of energy.

In many ways making these paintings has also been a scientific experiment.

‘I have often been astonished at the results, and how much they vary on different days, even though all the elements of the “experiment” have stayed as similar as possible.

The role of the artist becomes purposely minimal as the apparatus is set up and the pendulum creates spontaneous paintings that illustrate harmony and disorder. The pendulum can suddenly behave so differently and make the marks you see on the paper, but what causes the variation is sometimes hard to define and predict. The marks vary from repeating in a precise geometric pattern to an unruly scrawl.

I would like to write a conclusion to the experiment, but I feel that making this work was like opening a huge book, and I have just finished the first page’.

Marja Bonada is a Wrexham based visual artist working with different media and is inspired by and often tries to find new ways of looking at nature.

Marja graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2010, after studying M.A. Fine Art. Since then she has been working in Wrexham, and has been involved with THIS Project, and the local community arts scene, working at Galeri 3B and Undegun as curator and exhibition organiser.

In 2012 she instigated an exchange programme with Finnish artist Maija Helasvuo. The programme every year takes a group of Wales based artists to Finland whilst bringing a Finnish group to Wrexham. This year a group of North Wales based artists exhibited in Berlin at the Finnish/German gallery in Wedding area, as part of the exchange project. There are plans to extend the programme further across Wales.


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