• Helen Dennis – Ephemeral Coast

    Curated by Celina Jeffery (University of Ottawa, Canada) in partnership with Mission Gallery, Swansea, Ephemeral Coast links the bays of Swansea, Port Talbot and Carmarthen with coastal spaces internationally, including Mauritius, the USA, and Canada
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  • ESPY PhotoAward 2017

    Mira Andres 2015 ESPY Award Winner Photographers chosen to exhibit for ESPY 2015: ​ Adam Goodison | Atsushi Momoi | Brandon Nichols | Hashem Shakeri | Mira Andres | Rongguo Gao | Shinya Ichikawa ​ The 40 shortlisted artists for ESPY 2015: ​ Alexandra Serrano – Alfredo...
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  • Elysium gallery @ Chapter Arts Centre Art Car Bootique

    Fluggulssohn Fest 2017 – A call out for ideas & submissions
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  • Kathryn Ann Trussler – Astro Turf Grazed Bovine

    Swansea based artist Kathryn Anne Trussler was Elysium gallery’s artist in residence from January – April 2017.
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  • Tom Banks – Cul-de-Sac

    Cul-de-Sac is an exhibition of paintings depicting a walk through an unknown suburban housing estate, where we find that things are not quite right. This apparently benign location might not offer the homely comforts or warm welcome we are...
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