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Opening night Sat 4th March

Performance Walk 5pm

Starting from Hanbury Pub

On Saturday 4th March THE END IS BY YUR will be officially launched with playful toe-to-toe team based expedition around Swansea City Centre with a host of surprise performances and works from artist in secret locations.

Expect your encounters to range from the ethereal to the downright confusing; there’ll be twists, turns and burning sulphur, the disco from hell, a cult or two trying to save your soul, and a chance to finally confess all those sins before being flung soul first into the howling bowels of the elysium gallery

Performance Walk 5pm
Starting from Hanbury Pub

Grab a pint and let our posthumous posse guide you through Swansea’s Streets for a series of performances and happenings, ending at elyisumgallery, 16 College Street, for the exhibition launch

Exhibition Launch 7pm
elysiumgallery, 16 College Street, Swansea

Join us and the other dapper cadavers at 16 College Street for a myriad of moribund fun, surreal art and performances
exhibition continues until 25th March open weds – sat 12-5pm

More performance events throughout the exhibition will be announced soon


Connor Allen | Jade Blood | Bourdon Brindille | Hex Ceramic | Kerry Challis-Thomas & Khaya Rees | Sam Chapman | Davies, Monaghan and Klein (DMK) | Ben Faircloth | Anna Flemming | Mark Folds | Slaven Gabric | Konstantinos Grigoriadis | Olga Guse | Penny Hallas | Ilona Kiss | Mandy Lane | Susu LaRoche | Simon LeBoggit | Michelle MacRae | Victoria Malcolm | Enzo Marra | Bobby Nixon | Duncan Poulton | Lucy Purrington | S.R. Jimmy | Hannah Scoular | Eifion Sven-Myer & Laura Simmons | David Theobald | Laurence Walker-Tonks | Manon Williams | Lewis Wright


Claire Avanell | Joanna Bond | Justin Cliffe | John Jones & David Hunter | Cinzia Mutigli | Sarah Padbury | Cerys Thomas-Ford | Functionally Dysfunctional | Alison Hancock | Jessica Lerner | ShellShock | Simeon Smith | Marina Sossie | Sarah Younan | Howl Yuan

Opening night studio Installations

Philip Cheater | Kieron Da-Silva Beckerton | Scott Mackenzie | Euros Rowlands