Beep Painting Residencies 2018

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Beep Painting Residencies 2018

Kena Brown | Lydia Courtier | Sophie Harding | Dylan Williams

June 4 – Aug 16

Exhibition (title TBC)

Preview Friday 17 August 7pm

Exhibition continues until Saturday Sept 1

Four young Swansea College of Art students were chosen to be this years Beep Painting Biennial artists’ in residence. Selected by Professor Catrin Webster and elysium/Beep Director Jonathan Powell, these emerging artists will be offered valuable studio time, mentorship and an exhibition at elysium gallery this summer.

Kena Brown’s work analyses the forms of emotions, creating a visual concept through automatism. Her paintings document thought process and memories through instinctive mark making and line. Colour arises spontaneously from thoughts, and a title is triggered from memories. The paintings explore the unseen and the primal instincts of what it is to be a painter.

Lydia Courtier’s autobiographical paintings merge text, abstraction and colour to form an ongoing conversation about her life through paint. It’s a celebration of the good and bad in life with painting the one constant throughout

Sophie Harding’s jarring portraits are focused around the human condition – psychology and conflicts of the mind. The artist challenges the conventional ideas of portraiture by obscuring the identity of the subject rather than depicting it. Facial recognition is difficult as the artist explores notions of identity, fragility and absence.

Dylan Williams documents everyday life through daily walks and the constant observing of his surroundings which trigger his energetic and lively paintings. Inspired by the landscapes of the old masters, William’s dense hurried lines also echo painters such as Leon Kossoff and John Virtue. Like Virtue, Dylan Williams eschews colour as an unnecessary distraction.

Artists’ residencies take place at the elysium Orchard St studios throughout June & July before continuing at elysium gallery culminating in their exhibition as a part of this year’s Beep Painting Biennial.

Launched in 2012, beep (biennial exhibition of painting) is a contemporary international painting prize. Based in Swansea, Wales. Taking place every 2 years, beep supports imaginative and vibrant practice in contemporary painting.

Beep returns in August 2018 with an expanded programme of satellite painting led exhibitions, residencies and symposiums around the main beep show in partnership with Swansea galleries and educational organisations. Visit for more information.

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