Call for creatives – Heaven and Hell

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Call for creatives!

‘(Swansea) town is a dirty witch. You must hate or love her, and I both love her & hate her’. Edward Thomas (1914) – Swansea Village

elysium gallery/Now For More is looking for Artists, Poets, Musicians, Performers, Films & Ranters to take us through a journey in a world of absolutes, from pure enlightenment to the downright dirty and hellish!

English World War 1 poet Edward Thomas loved Swansea…and he hated it…& he loved it…

‘…for scenery & climate (Swansea) excels the Gulf of Salerno or the Bay of Naples. – It is a sordid hag of a town!’

For one evening on Sat 29th September we will search for the heart of Swansea, humanity & Saturday night.

‘Heaven & Hell’ will be a multi-discipline cultural experience using every nook and cranny of the historic Last Resort Bar (formerly the Adam n’ Eve) which will also act as a celebratory end to Now The Hero.

There are 3 areas: The Stage (ideal for music & performance), The Parlour (for film, projections, installation and performance)& The Yard (Anything goes!). We are looking for performers, projections & installations to help transform the venue into a vision of Heaven & Hell for one night.

email if you want to get involved

Nawr Yr Argwr/NowTheHero (25 – 29 Sept) uses Frank Brangwyn’s British Empire Panels as a springboard for exploring narratives of war, peacetime unity and harmony. The panels offer both an uncompromising vision of the colourful and optimistic possibilities of post war Empire and reveal the tragedy of war hidden behind the fecund and super abundant scenery.

To coincide with the main performance dates there will be a mini festival under the banner Now For More that will resemble an Art Weekender spread over from Friday 21st to Saturday 29th September. NFM will involve all of the city’s cultural institutions big and small, who each in their own unique way will respond to NYA \ NTH’ main theme – the impact of war and conflict on human relationships and to the panels themselves. NFM will feature one-off special events, exhibitions, artists’ talks, family activities and trails, public artworks, workshops and performances by outstanding contemporary artists in multiple locations across Swansea.

Access to all participating NOW For More venues and projects is FREE.