Steph Goodger and Julian Rowe – Cherry Time | 9th September – 8th October 2016

Cherry Time (Le Temps des cerises) is a well-known song in the French-speaking world that became popular and took on a political meaning during the Paris Commune of 1871. Our interest in that doomed revolution began with the chance discovery of some compelling, if macabre, photographs of the corpses of dead Communards.

Drawing with Light | 1st October 2016

This pop-up family workshop will have you photographing your very own light drawings. Learn the technique at the workshop and then explore Swansea city in the evening taking photos on your smartphone of light drawings as you go.

BEEP 2016 | Swansea | 5th August – 3rd September

Beep (Biennial exhibition of painting) is Wales’s only large scale contemporary international painting exhibition taking place at different venues every two years. This year will see the main Beep exhibition tour from Swansea to Wrexham and include satellite exhibitions, events and residencies in and around Swansea, Wrexham and Cardiff.