Angela Dickens – Faces in the Green Bush | 2nd February – 18th March 2023

Angela Dickens: Faces in the Green Bush

Preview: Thursday 2nd February 6pm

Exhibition continues until 18th March

Elysium gallery is proud to present this exhibition of new paintings by Swansea based artist Angela Dickens.

The paintings were created over the past year coming out of the pandemic lockdowns. This new body of work offers snippets and abstract reflections of her life experiences as the world attempts to return to some sort of normality.

Subconscious dreamlike imagery collide with recognisable conscious images as memories emerge with landscapes and figures.

‘My paintings are socio-political. I address issues facing people in society today. Turning paint into my own personal language of strong emotions and thoughts to convey raw emotions. Negatives becoming positive. Visualisations become reality’.

Angela studied fine art at Staffordshire University 1989-1992 and currently has a studio with elysium gallery in Swansea city centre.