Anthelion | 30th July – 20th August


Arwell Micah | Dylan Williams | Fran Williams

Venue: College Street Gallery, 16 College St, Swansea, SA1 5BH

Preview: Saturday 30th July, 7pm

Opening times: Sat 6th, Sat 13th & Sat 20th August 11am-5pm (other days Weds-Sat book by appointment)

Anthelion highlights the allure of the landscape for three Swansea painters as they search for meaning and escape as the modern world continues its encroach onto the fields, valleys and hills of the Welsh landscape.

This exhibition forms part of this year’s Beep Painting Biennial.

Arwel Micah

‘The land is a central theme in my work. I attempt to capture the atmosphere and mood of the landscape of my up bringing in Southern Snowdonia and travels further afield, abstracting and distilling the main components of a scene into a fragmented image suggesting a landscape that has been eroded by memory. My aim is that my work should reflect my identity, my relationship with the land, and an awareness of its history’.

Arwel studied Fine Art at Swansea School of Art, graduating in 2004. Since then, has gone on to complete a master’s in graphic communication at USW. Since 2010 he has taught art, photography and design at Ysgol Gymraeg Ystalyfera in the Swansea valley. Arwel paints from his space at Elysium Studios.

Dylan Williams

“My work revolves around a fixation with hills and mountains and a worship of four legged animals. I try to uncover the hidden voices and spirit of the landscape, searching for portals through time and under land spaces in local hills and mountains. This is underpinned by a
regular practice of walking and drawing constantly searching for an economy of means through mark and image making.”

Dylan Williams (b.1995) is a recent graduate from Swansea College of Art whose work is concerned with the landscape of South Wales where he grew up. He has had solo shows across the UK and internationally and is based in Elysium Gallery studios in Swansea.

Fran Williams

‘I see colours and indescribable forms when I listen to music, especially through headphones…these worlds form in my mind’s eye and I must paint them.

I have found music the inspiring beginning for most things in life for me…it’s almost a form of meditation these days.

I want to paint energy, that feeling of inspiration that humans live for…. it’s a feeling that comes and goes, much like a wave, but we live for it, and things like music spark and summon that feeling within us…that endless desire to create…the ebb and flow of how we feel in this life, this is what I try to paint.’

Fran Williams lives and works in her hometown of Swansea. Her vibrant semi abstract paintings she describes as dreamscapes, are all inspired by the surrounding landscape and the electronic music she listens to whilst working.

She has exhibited extensively in the U.K showing alongside many well-known contemporary painters, particularly in the urban arts scene. Showing at many Art Fairs and several of Dreweatt’s Contemporary Art Auctions. Fran paints full time from her studio with Elysium Gallery in Swansea.