Art in the Bar – Asiya Clark: Affinity | 20th May – 8th July 2023

Asiya Clark: Affinity

Preview: Saturday 20th May 7pm

Exhibition continues until Saturday 8th July

Gallery open Weds-Sat 11am-9pm

Asiya Clarke’s work is about losing and finding oneself in nature. Connecting inner and outer worlds she attempts to find signs and metaphors that extend from the particular to the universal.

Her work is built up from photos of nature, some of which are used directly as source material for paintings. Others undergo a process of collaging. Introducing figurative imagery in the collages suggest human presence and become a playful commentary on psychological and spiritual states and conditions.


The veins in my body

Are the veins in the leaves

Every dot and circle is an eye, an awareness

Every bird rising

Rises in my chest

Wings beating against my ribcage

Smaller than a speck of dust

I am the wide earth

My breath sweeps over deserts

Eddying in hollows

It rises over mountains

To release my sweat and tears

Every drop is numbered

Every wound is a death

Each ache is a birth

Red rivers carry life to my organs

Each cell rejoices

My dance is the solar system

Embraced by love

Asiya Clarke grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe. The beautiful natural environment she experienced as a child is one of the main inspirations in her work. She studied Fine Art at the University of Cape town, South Africa before moving to the UK and teaching in St. Albans. Asiya studied MA arts practice at Goldsmiths College, London in 2008 and was selected for the Saatchi 4 New Sensations exhibition. She currently paints from her elysium gallery studio in Swansea City centre.