Bourdon Brindille­ – Breakage and Repair | 28th February – 12th September 2020

Bourdon Brindille­: Breakage and Repair

Exhibition preview: Friday 28th February, 7pm

Artist talk: Wednesday 11th March, 7pm

Exhibition continues until Saturday 12th September

Gallery open Weds – Sat 12-7pm

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‘Once, I found peace. I found a place of perfect crystalline stillness, a quiet place where I understood all that I was and all that I wished and all that could ever matter.
Until I no longer did’.

‘This shattered me, this finding and then loss of contentment, it tore me apart, but then we are all broken, in part. We are all a collection of fractures and breakages, patches and repairs. Yet perhaps it is these very seams of distress, these fissures, that create the strength and beauty that we each become after such events, it seems to me that ‘the cracks are where the light gets in’.

Bourdon Brindille is a Swansea based artist who studied at Falmouth University and had a studio space at elysium Orchard St Studios. He creates images and sculptures that are playful, absurd, otherworldly and awash with ideas from the pains and pleasures in life.

This installation in Gallery three draws from the Japanese art philosophy of Kintsugi, the repairing of broken pottery with gold. In a time where many political and social fracture lines seem to be appearing, this ancient practice has perhaps become more than apt for this strange present in which we live.  Kintsugi treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an entity. Done correctly, it not only mends but also strengthens and improves the entity.

The artist ponders that perhaps the Kintsugi approach brings hope, knowing that from breakage, through repair, can come strength through beauty.

Despite exhibiting widely this will be the artists first installation piece, hoping to draw the viewer further than ever into his fevered, fetid imagination.

‘Enter a drawing room, stopped in a moment of time. Windblown with sand, as though recently ancient, broken apart and semi buried, standing still at a moment of fracture’.