Dalit Leon


Dalit Leon’s practice centres on painting, drawing and etching; process led, it is engaged with creating spaces and finding depths within and beyond the two-dimensionality of the surface. A meditational and material exploration through the chosen mediums informs the work from the onset; the process enfolds the notion of space as primary and ubiquitous in both material and cognitive realities, hence, unveiling the illusory space becomes a way of consolidating and realizing a profound harmony, an integral reality that is as much about limitless consciousness and abstraction as it is about physicality and definition. Notions of infinity, polarity, pure energy and the seeking of equilibrium within this state of constant flux are central to her work.

The space calls on the viewer’s imaginative and psychological reflection- projected not only within the pictorial space, but also crucially over time where a gradual unfolding of the visual field occurs.  A dialogue between the image and the viewer may then become a dynamic and transformational space of lucid perception. The elucidated spaces lead onto pathways between internal and external, personal and collective realities, between terrains of consciousness and the subconscious; the experience of form as transient- a continuous movement of energy and unfolding of meaning- leading to experience the ‘formless’ substance of consciousness. Projecting ones consciousness beyond the obvious and immediate reality- a depth of observation of both objective and subjective kind- act as crucial agents and as meaningful acts of engagement with life.

Born in Israel, Dalit Leon has been based in Wales since 2001.

She completed her BA in Fine Art at Swansea Metropolitan University in 2010 and her MA in painting at the Royal College of Art in 2013.