Dan Westbury


Exploring ways in which the world is perceived; Dan Westbury creates work with traditional mediums that take a surrealist and light-hearted approach to sometimes dark and controversial subjects. He thrives on the need to progress and learn, finding a great deal of inspiration in the events of his own life as well observing issues throughout the world.

Favouring mural work, Dan creates figurative and surreal artwork, with key painting and drawing fundamentals as a core pillar. His creative exploration is something that is channelled through many aspects of his life, often exploring ways in which everyday objects and scenery can be brought to life. Dan’s motivation is self-driven and his work is reflective of the highs and lows of his own creative process and mind set.

Embracing everything raw, handcrafted and D.I.Y, he hopes to continue finding interesting ways in which to apply his creativity and delve deeper.

“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice” – Henry Ford.

Website: www.behance.net/west_alloneword