DISRUPTION – Cl*wns | 4th November 2011

Kapspike & Goebbels present


images created by Michael Bosanko

performances directed by Ceri Phillips

and music composed by Bethan Wynne Phillips

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

Why does evil exist? And where does it come from? Does it exist independently from the people who perpetrate it? And what motivates them to commit evil acts in the first place? None of these philosophical questions or any other moral conundrum will be answered by the Kapspike & Goebbels production Cl*wns. Incorporating images created by Michael Bosanko and performance pieces directed by Ceri Phillips, Cl*wns explores the darker side of the (in)human condition.

Jonathan Kapspike is originally from Oss in Holland. He has written more than seven, poorly-received, self-help guides, including Mastering the Art of Corporal Punishment and Cheating Your Way to a Better Job. Jonathan supplements his unsuccessful literary career by working as a part-time Homoeopathist, Party-Planner and NLP Master Practitioner. He is noted for his ravishing green eyes and currently resides in Hertfordshire with a child called Ben.

Tony Goebbels is from Bomseville, Quebec. After graduating from Las Guavas mail-order University with a degree in Adult Movie Production, he embarked on a short-lived career as a foul-mouthed and angry stand-up comic. Unlike similarly controversial comedians such as Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Bill Hicks, Tony Goebbels was utter shit. After a brief period as a human guinea pig, he teamed up with Jonathan Kapspike to form the Cl*wns project production team Kapspike & Goebbels. Despite this Tony is happily married with two young children, Oilers and Lime Ricky.

Michael Bosanko is an internationally renowned photographer from Caerffili who is best known for his pioneering Light Art work. His portfolio includes many commissions for film, animation, TV commercials, company profiles, billboards, global campaigns, tabloid and magazine editorials. Michael says “…working with Kapspike & Goebbels is a dream come true, except that dream happens to be a nightmare. I’m being held captive in Scurlage – they only feed me water and donuts without any icing. If you are reading this, please help me.”

Ceri Phillips is an actor, writer and stand-up comic from Swansea. During the past two years, whilst pursuing a successful television career, he has been “collaborating” with art iconoclasts Kapspike & Goebbels. He is now developing a peptic ulcer.

Cl*wns will be kicking off the events of Disruption, which will take place at various locations around Swansea on Saturday 5th November – More info to follow

This exhibition will be elysium gallery’s 50th show and our 4th birthday. Celebrations will be taking place throughout the evening.

Private view / Golwg Breifat

Friday4th November 2011 7 – 9PM
Gwener 4ydd Tachwedd 7 – 9YP

Main Disruption events will take place Saturday 5th November 2011 / 5ed Tachwedd 2011

Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5PM
Amserau agor Mercher – Sadwrn 12 – 5YP

Admission free / Mynediad yn rhad ac am ddim