Richard Williams – Come get it while it’s cold

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Richard Williams

Artist in residence

February 24th – March 22nd

Come get it while it’s cold

March 23rd – April 7th

Artist Talk Saturday 7th April 3pm

The first artist in residence at elysium gallery for 2018 is Richard Williams.

Using the human condition as stimuli, specifically how mortality and knowledge of it shapes our existence, Williams will be exploring these themes and using the residency to create a new body of work.

‘I’m constantly amazed by what we’re capable of doing to each other and to nature through love on the one hand and fear on the other and by the systems of thought we create to justify these things and find myself thinking about these contradictions regularly.  This means my work is often dark and possibly pessimistic but I also include hope wherever I see it’.

Atmosphere, mood, colour & light are important ingredients of William’s paintings that are snapshots of a much bigger untold story.

This current body of work is concerned with the idea of humanity’s disconnection from and exploitation of the ecosystem, specifically with the current massive and increasing depletion of insect populations in Europe.

‘I tend to put many hours into my paintings and so the residency part of this collection is an experiment in creating pieces at a greater pace, working from my props and images in the gallery space with a max time limit of two days a piece, to see where this takes me’.

Richard studied illustration at the Swansea Institute from 1998-2001 and since then his focus has gradually moved towards work that is less explicit in its intent.

The artist will use the gallery as a painting studio from Feb 24 – March 22nd followed by his exhibition ‘Come get it while its cold’ which will preview on Friday 23rd March and run until 7th April.

The public will be invited into the studio space at certain times during the residency and you will be able to keep abreast of the artist’s work developments on Instagram @richardwilliamsisme and on the elysium gallery social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Images from Richards Residency

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