Arron Kuiper – Paint³

Event Details

Exhibition preview, Friday 4th February, 7pm

Exhibition continues until Saturday 19th March

Gallery open Weds – Sat 11am – 6pm

Arron’s developing medium of Sculptural Painting* allows the creation of three-dimensional forms solely in oil paint, freeing paint from surface and gravity whilst retaining the fundamental painterly qualities with true weight granted to colour. It can have physical form, shape, texture, and colour whilst remaining simultaneously suspended and animated with a sculptural zeal that vastly surpasses the remit of impasto. Whilst using a raw palette, colour seems subject to a near Newtonian quality of interaction and meaning becomes a function of parallax.

Arron’s second solo show Paint³ aims to question the nature of oil paint in this new dimension, and explore its subsequent identities and abilities, to further the understanding of this new medium and its discourse within the gallery context. Best understood by being viewed as sculpture, and appreciated as painting, the works featured require the viewer to explore impossible physicality’s through “visual touch.” The work becomes almost non-local, a painterly dimension of sticky physics where motifs can be elevated or hidden depending on the point of observation in time and space. Marks can be loosely fluid or intensely precise and meaning can be coldly rational or viscerally surreal.

*Oil paint worked into a transparent water-based gel with syringes, contained in a sealed glass box.

Arron Kuiper is a Welsh born artist best known for his invention of a unique medium he terms “Sculptural Painting.” His work has earned multiple national awards, has been widely shown across the U.K., and has also featured in numerous national and international publications. He continues to practice in North Wales and was the Friend of the Glynn Vivian award winner at the 2020 Beep Painting Prize.