The Carbon Manual and Jerry Williams Band

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The Carbon Manual is a Bristol-based trio combining the talents of Iain Weir (guitars, machines and music), Clifford Gee (bass and music) and Jeremy Gluck (words and voice) to create a soul-piercing sound, combining intense spoken word with organic rock mantra into an unusual and penetrating field of melody and ambience.

Featuring Jeremy Gluck, whose career with The Barracudas has created a legend that has since spawned critically-acclaimed solo work (notably the legendary cult album on Flicknife with Nikki Sudden and Rowland S Howard, ‘I Knew Buffalo Bill’) – and the core duo Weir and Gee, accomplished journeymen of the garage-psych scene, The Carbon Manual is no ordinary proposition, with exceptional words wed to hypnotic barrages of music and unpredictable beats that evoke everything from Leonard Cohen to Suicide and Slint.

The Carbon Manual are released by Flicknife Records, Red Star Music, and local boutique label Lavender Sweep Records.

Supported by The Jerry Williams Band who play a mixture of late 60s early70s influenced acid/prog and NYC punk/new wave. Think Hendrix meets Television with a side order of Live Dead.