IS THIS / THIS IS… Alfie Scheinman

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Situated in the elysiumgallery High Street studios, the ISTHIS/THIS IS project space is primarily used by residency artists and the elysiumgallery studios community. The aim is to enable artists to work and experiment towards creating new work in an environment outside of their usual studio practice in preparation for critical discussions within the group. The space enables artists to develop, to build, to take risks, to test and to invite peers to see the work in progress.

Alfie Scheinman is a musician, writer and painter based in Swansea and is well known for being a member of local band Lost Tuesday Society. Alfie is also a studio member of the elysium High Street studios and for the past months has been struggling to escape the ‘confines of illustrative painting’ – this is where a painter constantly looks to imagery from sketchbooks, laptops, and artist books as major sources for the themes in his paintings.

During his stay in the IS THIS/THIS IS project space Alfie has been looking to explore a more intuative and reactionary way of painting and look more closely at the subject matter of paint and its processes as the main theme of this new work.

This project space discussion will also act as the jumping off point for discussions towards the elysium studios painting show at the Grand Theatre later this year.

Only members of elysiumgallery studios and guests are invited to these group discussions. Is Saturday night, so bring beer!