Is This / This Is… Hazel Cardew

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IS THIS THIS IS…. Hazel Cardew
elysium gallery, Orchard street studios, 2nd Floor, 34a Orchard Street, Swansea
Weds 7th June, 7pm

Hazel Cardew has been the latest Artist in residence at the IS THIS THIS IS Project space throughout May/June.

An artist at the Mansel Street Elysium studios for over a year; Cardew works across different media to create artwork including photography, sculpture and installation. These however, all stem from drawing and often explore drawing and mark making within a 3D space.

‘I have been using the project space to expand on what I have been working on in my studio. I am taking advantage of the large space and am dedicating the time to explore the materials I have recently been working with. It has also provided focussed time to further understand the concepts that I am dealing with and how I may want to move forward’.

Situated in the elysium gallery Orchard Street studios, the project space is used on a monthly basis by selected residency artists and the elysium gallery studios community. The aim is to enable artists to work and experiment towards creating new work in an environment outside of their usual studio practice in preparation for critical discussions within the group. The space enables artists to develop, to build, to take risks, to test and to invite peers to see the work in progress.

Only members of elysium gallery studios and guests are invited to these group discussions.