Is this / This is… Lucy Read

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Situated in the sprawling elysiumgallery High Street studios, the is this/this is test-bed space is primarily used by residency artists and the elysiumgallery studios community. The aim is to enable artists to work and experiment towards creating new work in an environment outside of their usual studio practice in preparation for critical discussions within the group.

In the ‘is this/ this is’ space Lucy will be installing the work she created for her recent MA degree exhibition, giving her the chance to further evaluate the piece and explore it’s potential. It is a large cave-like space made from from thick black industrial felt, the fabric and the folds absorb light and sound creating a silent opening to seek refuge.

You and your guests are invited to a group discussion about the work and future elysium gallery studios projects. We are looking to all studio members to contribute to regular discussion on how we can communally work together to make the Swansea arts scene stronger.

Only members of elysiumgallery studios and guests are invited to these group discussions. Everyone is welcome to bring refreshments.