Live Music: Jason Eady

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Jason Eady is an American singer and guitarist, originally from Mississippi but now based in Texas. He is affiliated with the Texas country music scene, particularly through his evocation of an “old school honky-tonk” style of songwriting.

Jason Eady grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, and has been influenced by bluegrass, Don Williams and Willie Nelson. He is married to, and frequently collaborates with, Texas singer-songwriter Courtney Patton.

AllMusic gave Jason’s album Daylight and Dark a 4 star review and said, “In terms of quality, it belongs on a shelf next to Dwight Yoakam’s Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room, Joe Ely’s Letter to Laredo, and yes, even Willie Nelson’s Phases and Stages”.

NPR’s Ken Tucker contrasted Eady’s traditionalism with Jon Pardi and said, “Ultimately, both Pardi and Eady have to confront the dilemma of all young country musicians: how to navigate the pop current that keeps country music commercially viable while connecting to a past that fewer and fewer listeners are aware of.”


Music commences around 9pm following the launch of the exhibition ‘Material Matters’. Free entry.