Jeremy Gluck – One Pointed | 22nd November – 28th December 2019

Art in the Bar

Jeremy Gluck: One-pointed

A collection of new conceptual minimalist memes focused on intuitive output from a non-dualist perspective, One-pointed takes nonceptualism to new heights and depths of visual simplicity and poverty. I reveal what I conceal, I conceal what I reveal…

From November 22nd, 2019 for six weeks Axe Head Collective artist, Swansea College of Art alumni and GS artists intern Jeremy Gluck stages a nonceptual takeover of Art in the Bar, launching Friday 22nd November alongside the latest elysium gallery exhibition ‘The Closer we are’

Saturday 23rd November there will be a live music event featuring Gluck’s ambient rock and roll trio The Carbon Manual, supported by local heroes the Jeremy Williams Band.