Naomi Leake – Looking for Love | 16th August – 14th September 2008

Looking for Love

In one sense Looking for love is a documentary about the people of Swansea.

Using art as a pretext with which to engage people the artist Naomi Leake, goes speed dating in a wedding dress and kerb crawling dressed as a sheep in a notorious Welsh drinking street. The short films documenting Naomi’s cultural interventions employ dream like story telling to create intimate portraits while addressing social concerns. Drawings of local people revealing their everyday occupations and preoccupations are presented alongside the narratives of Jenny Klein. The words in this exhibition touch something in us all and operate to shrink the distance between the fit surfer on a beach and the very obese at a boot sale.

By harnessing the symbolic and emotional potential of places, people and situations the collaboration between Naomi Leake, Jenny Klein and people of Swansea has universal as well as personal resonances. Looking for love is an exhibition poised on the boundary between fact and fiction.