Sojo Circus | 31st October 2008

Film makers

Thanks to all who submitted work

for this international film night.

Running Order

Large Screen

Fashion Death – Daniel Rodrigo

Incubus Succubus – Virginia Head

The Magic Of Jones & Jonesetta – Mike Russell

First Take – Shelley Davies

Le Sauvignon Cheval – Mark Love

Broken Trees, Other World – Ashleigh James

Vampire Craig Melvyn Williams

Cashier Of Doom Mark Love

Small screen 1 (basement)

Ode Virginia Head

The Attic Project Bertrand Kelle

Pitter-Patter Helen Grundy & Angel Stripe

Spider Kiss Bertrand Kelle

Phatasmagoria Mike Russell

Jibberish Creature Mark Love

Small Screen 2 (stairs)

Untitled (song) Alex Pearl