Venice – The Vending Machine | 14th – 30th September 2011

From an original concept created by the Venetian, UK based, artist Marina Moreno, elysium Gallery with ART-E-MOTION presents Vending Machine: an Installation, which features the work of both UK based and International artists.

This dual sited installation will be hosted by Italian partners Microclima, an artistic project at the Serra dei Giardini and with Laura Ostan at the Contemporary Art Galleria Perela, from 15th -30th September in Venice.

The two vending machines supplied by Luca S r L become dispersers of transparent spheres, that can be compared to greenhouses, where the metaphoric growth of an idea is linked to the nurturing, development and growth of a plant, where chance intervenes to determine the outcome.

Each sphere represents the lume (light), a world, an artist, a creative seed and will contain an original piece of diverse artwork produced by both emerging and established artists. Through the game of interaction and the inherent chance of the machine, an automatic distributor, an exchange takes place for both the artist and receiver of the art work.

Playfulness is essential to creativity and quintessential to art. Through this installation an artistic exchange could opens new dialogues and ideas in a global context, amongst differing cultures, territories and landscapes.

The curators Ann Jordan of elysium gallery & Marina Moreno of ART-E-MOTION will be present during the exhibition and will offer visitors tokens in exchange for a variable monetary offer.

The Vending Machine is a diffuser of participation for both an artistic and an ecological dialogue.

This installation also reflects the dynamics of the market and the functions of the gallery, whilst

re-establishing for a moment the freedom of the use of art in its function of displacement, surprise and subversion of pre -established rules. Also showing in Galleria Perela and continuing the same theme as ‘Vending Machine’ will be works by the artists/ directors of elysium gallery, Jonathan Powell, Ann Jordan, Sarah Williams and Daniel Staveley and from ART-E-MOTION Marina Moreno & Michael Meldru Medjivepjis.

In addition on 29th Sept at 7pm, elysium gallery’s Bus Stop Cinema will drop in for a one night screening. The show reel features 15 short films from 14 International artist film makers, which have previously been screened at the Hay on Wye Festival 2011 and at elysium gallery, Swansea.

Private views:

Friday 6pm 16th Sept at Galleria Perela, Salzida dei Greci, Castello 3459, 30122 Venezia

Sunday 5pm 18th Sept at Serra dei Giardini, Viale Garibaldi,Castello 3459, 30122 Venezia

Exhibitions continue until 30th September 2011

Galleria Perela di Laura Ostan open 10.30-12.00 & 16.00-18.30hrs Closed Mondays

Galleria Perela is a small contemporary art venue in the historic centre that showcases international artists.

Serra dei Giardini & Microclima open 10.30-12.00 & 16.00-18.30hrs Closed Mondays

Microclima is a long-term artistic project created for the Greenhouse (Serra) located in the Castello district of Venice. The Greenhouse was built in 1894 to preserve during the winter the exotic plants that were to be used for the coeval International Exhibitions of Art. Microclima offers a wide artistic program underlining the physical, social, symbolic and cultural aspects of the Greenhouse and its network of relationships and works with converging international artists tackling themes focused on the relationships among art, nature and socio-cultural implications.