Wanderbox | 17th – 24th January 2015

Saturday 17th January, 8.30pm \ Sadwrn 17fed Ionawr, 8.30yp

Opening times Weds – Sat/ 12-5pm

Amserau agor Mercher – Sadwrn / 12-5yp

Free exhibition continues until 24th January

Arrdangosfa yn parhau tan 24fed Ionawr

“WanderBox is a custom built, portable gallery and residency space, presented by artist Jo Marsh. The project hosts exhibitions of contemporary visual and applied arts, and offers residencies to both established and emerging artists in a wide variety of locations and settings.

WanderBox is taking a tour of Wales between November 2015 and March 2015, starting in Ruthin and travelling to Caernarfon, Cardiff, Swansea and Llangollen. WanderBox will host a different exhibition and artist in residence at each location.

Artist Thomas Goddard will be undertaking a WanderBox residency at Elysium from Monday 5th to Friday 9th January 2015. During this time WanderBox will be set up as a confessional and the artist will interview visitors on film, as well as creating a series of hand made signs. WanderBox will remain on display, housing an exhibition of Goddard’s work produced during the residency, until Saturday 25th January.

Goddard selected Elysium for his time with WanderBox as he wanted to become temporarily part of their artist studio network, sometimes unseen and other times visible. Goddard’s WanderBox at Elysium will be a space for people, for production, a space for work and a space for living.

Join us at Elysium from 8.30pm on 17th January for Austerity Disco  – a special event presented by Art’s Birthday, Wales + Wanderbox.*

For more information and to follow the WanderBox tour, see www.wanderbox.org

*Austerity Disco will include:  No snacks, caffeine-free drinks, xmas leftovers, one battery powered music system (batteries half empty) and an intermittent fading light. Everyone will be invited to have their ears painted on the night. We will use the fold down desk on WanderBox for a really crap buffet.Our motto is: we like to party like it’s 61 AD (61 AD was the date of the Menai massacre. The last massacre in Wales.)