Cabba Hey | 16th January 2009

Mr and Mrs Clark present A Post-Christmas/January Blues “Cabba Hey” to exercise the festive spirit and damn any misgivings for the New Year. With elements of the original “Cabba Hey” performance at Expermentica 2007 and performed at the opening of the Elysium Artspace this show will be a surreal selection of song, dance and theatrics celebrating the darker side of the festive season in a humorous, sad, stupid and at times uplifting way with segments based on abandonment, revenge, pressure to have fun, false expectations, broken dreams and the endless re-runs, replays and repeats of dysfunctional family members.

“Disavowing the seriousness of what they do, they can actually be increasingly serious”

Theron Schmidt, Live Art UK.

 “…it is both absurdly hilarious and heartbreakingly earnest, a balance that has everything to do with their detailed attention to their performance.”

Theron Schmidt, Live Art UK.

“…a performance that retains the pair’s trade mark disturbing edge, while potentially offering their most unabashedly accessible hour to date.”

Andrzej Lukowski, Metro, Cardiff.

 “A short, sharp, mind-battering dream draped in disorder hovering on the edge of nightmare waiting to fall. This spectacle is impossible to define and indisputably bizarre, but call this pickled mind sadistic, I enjoyed it!”

 Amy Stackhouse, Theatre Wales.