Espy Photography Award 2014 | 7th – 29th March 2014



Tahir Un | Artur Urbanski & Ewe Ciechanowska| Gideon Vaas | Owen Harries | Jill Quigley | Phillipa Klaiber | Wiktor Dabowski | Thibault de Puyfontaine | James A Hudson | Tomasz Fall | Dennis Low | James Dixon | Lesley Farrell  | Elisabeth Blanchet | Jane Eve Dixon | Andy Lawson | Chris Rhodes | Dan Mariner | Irina Siwiak Rozovsky | Leonidas Toumpanos | Matthew Hensby | Ute Behrend | Claire Osbourne | Lewys Canton | Irena Siwiak Atamewan | Rupert Howe | Richard Kolker | Amy Halfpenny | Mike Needs | Rebecca McGetrick | Bogdan Girbovan | David Ball | Catherine Jacobs | Robyn Leroy-Evans | Suzy Moxhay | John Trickey | Mark Adams | Paul Floyd Blake

FRIDAY 7th March, 7-9PM \ GWENER 7 Mawrth, 7-9yp

Exhibition continues until 29th March \ ARDDANGOSFA YN PARHAU TAN 29 MAWRTH
Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm \ AMSERAU AGOR MERCHER – SADWRN 12 – 5YP

We develop a sense of place through experience and knowledge of the history, relationships, culture, architecture, geography, and geology of an area. Elysium Gallery is looking for work based on the topic of Urban & Rural. With the boundaries between the two becoming increasingly blurred by contemporary life, with all of its luxuries and freedoms, people have started living their lives in different ways, rendering conventional and separate definitions obsolete. As the population and our economy grows so does the opportunity to profit from the countryside’s violation and it begins to disappear. The towns and cities expand and the Rural landscape is increasingly replaced by the Urban, with it’s ‘green spaces’ planned by professional architects. Surely something is lost in the process? Is the notion of Urban & Rural now becoming irrelevant or as we continue to explore and inhabit every square mile of the earth mean it is more important than ever to have them separate?

elysiumgallery are pleased to announce that the winner of Espy Photography Prize 2014 is Wiktor Dabkowski.

The Winner of this years Student Prize is Jill Quigley

The Winner of the Peoples Prize is Chris Rhodes

Thank you to everyone that voted.