Stephen Donnelly – Viva La Wind Street

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Stephen Donnelly – Viva La Wind Street

Start – 6:56am 30th March 2018

Ends – 6:54am 31st March 2018

In 2013 the south end of the B4489, also known as Wind, Whined or Wine St, was given the dubious accolade of ‘Most Violent Street in the UK’ and is still seen as no-go area by some after dark. Despite the apparent horrors of Wind Street.

Performance artist Stephen Donnelly sees it as a potential site for playfulness, festival and celebration. To this ends he will be spending this Good Friday 2018 playing with the human (and actual) traffic in a bid to explore the of Wind Street untapped potential as a public space.

‘Like most adventures that take place on Wine Street I have little idea of how it might go or where I’ll end up. I will be remaining sober for the duration and have a GPS tracker linked to my facebook page if you’d like to find and join me as a co-conspirator or questioning witness to any or all of the following;

The Inaugural Wind Street 10K Road Race
Chips, Cheese and Beans Tasting Sessions
Clandestine Bird Feeding
Lucky Dips
Slightly Out-of-Sync Dancing to Black Lace’s ‘Superman Song’
Spontaneous Clowning
‘It could only happen on Wind Street’ being used as an excuse to commit questionable acts
Gate-Crashing Hen / Stag Do’s
Re-Enactments of Catholic Parades
The First Wind Street Mile (RIP Mumbles)
Free Shots!

Viva La Wind Street is part of Sore Thumbs, and R&D project supported by Arts Council Wales and Elysium Gallery Swansea.