Live Music: Mr Bewlay + special guests

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Mr Bewlay’s ‘Black Reason’ tour reaches Swansea. Playing his multimedia, art bonaza at the Elysium, with support from Mantis.

Beginning his music career under the mentorship of the PRS Foundation and Arts Council Wales backed Forté Project, Bewlay has pushed himself into releasing his ‘Electric Reason’ Trilogy which saw him expand his sound with the addition of synth-heavy, funk grooves and sweet retro-inspired pop hits. In addition he has played sold out headliner shows in prestigious venues such as Porter’s (Cardiff), Queens Hall (Narbeth) and Ill Repute (Bristol). As a champion for LGBTQ activism he has also given talks and performed at Queer festivals and shows with the ‘On Your Face Collective’.

With a breadth of sound ranging from retro-spiced pop, to quiet reflective solo pieces, Bewlay’s unpredictability is also found in his music. With influence coming from artists such as David Bowie, St Vincent and Parquet Courts, Bewlay remains in a lane of his own with bombastic vocals, extravagant style and lyrics of the utmost originality. There is little in his way towards inevitable ascension.

Be it Mista, Misses, King or Queen, they all fall under Bewlay’s everything.

Tickets £5 – Click here