The Smörgåsboard Board Game Cafe @ Elysium

Event Details

This event finished on 16 August 2022

The Smörgåsboard is a wide range of board games, card games and other table top games. It’s a collection that is open to everyone, of all ages and abilities, to enjoy some time away from the screen and some good old fashioned fun.

Who are we?

Hello! I’m Matt and for years I have hosted regular board game evenings and D&D sessions in my house. When we entered lockdown in March 2020, my close group of friends started meeting online once a week using table top simulators for playing board games.

Other friends and family thought they were missing out on a social life and soon discovered that board games aren’t just for boring people. Our little group grew, and before we knew it we were playing several nights a week with friends around the globe, all stuck in doors.

That was 2020 though, and as we started meeting face to face again, I decided in 2021 to set up my own board game café and The Smörgåsboard was born.

Entrance £3 for 2 hours, £5 for 4 hours.