Online Artist Talk: Memory into Landscape | 12th December

Online Artists talks: Memory into landscape

Tuesday December 13th, 7.30pm

Join artists Lucien Anderson, Caroline Bugby, Sara Dudman, Penny Hallas, Connie Hurley, Nikta Mohammadi as well as one of the exhibition selectors Dr.Robert Newell as they talk about the current elysium gallery exhibition Memory into Landscape and its themes.

The exhibition presents a group of artists who explore the land by investigating the relationship between landscape, history and identity through their personal experiences, perceptions, and narratives, to demonstrate a unique investigation into the subject of landscape: especially how the past imprints itself on the present in our physical environments.

Memory into Landscape considers our relationship to time and place as layered and complex. Spatial encounters with landscape can embody and activate an array of perceptions, processes, events, memories and experiences whose origins lie deep in time, evoking clues to an ancient history of stories, myths and legends that reverberate through to the present-day.