Kate Bell


Kate Bell

Landscape is a ‘poetic means to imagine our place in the world, the ambiguity or ‘paradox of landscape is that it is both what is other to the human subject; land, place, nature, and yet it is also a place for projection, and can become a sublimated self-portrait’ Griselda Pollock.

Kate’s creative practice stems from a fascination for the liminal connection between land and sea, sea and sky, nature and mythology, male and female. The coastal landscape is a place of memories and imagination. Her paintings are not a direct representation but rather a feeling, an emotional encounter, an embodiment of her sense of place through a continual dialogue between real and imagined geographies both the physical and psychological. What’s left behind, tracing, mapping absence through exploration of the liminal place between land, sea and sky- anomalies in the land and seascapes harbouring portals into other worlds – cracks, crevices, fissures, alignment of stones, sea caves – thin places. This has been informed by her recent MA in Fine Art: Contemporary Dialogues at UWTSD in which she explored the idea of thin place through the exploration of surface through paint, ice and glass and wax.




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