Klang Canteen | 14th – 28th January 2012

Klang Canteen. Curated by Barnaby Dicker for Art’s Birthday, Wales

Marking five years of activity Art’s Birthday, Wales presents its first exhibition. As with all Art’s Birthday celebrations, it belongs to a more or less informal worldwide network of artists who, each year, pick up the baton(s) left by Robert Filliou. Based around this community of interest, the exhibition draws together work by associates and collaborators old and new.

Klang Canteen. Klang is German for ‘sound.’ A Canteen is both a place where nourishment is served and a container where such nourishment is kept. There will be tables and chairs in the gallery, but the nourishment offered at the exhibition will not be edible; it will be audible.Visitors will be greeted by the sounds of one or more of the works on show playing through a cassette deck. (It is the perfect place to bring a packed lunch or hot drink.)

The artists were invited to present a piece of work that would fit on one, maybe two sides of a cassette. They have been at absolute liberty to do this however they please. Beyond local and national, there is also work from Belgium, Canada and the USA.

Belgian arts collective Théâtre de la Liberté will be in residency on Art’s (“actual”) Birthday (Tuesday 17th January) – experience their intervention between 3–5pm. David Pitt will close the show with a unique gong experiment on Saturday 28th January 4.30-5.30pm.

Exhibiting Artists:

Barrie Hole’s Hitlist Presents… (Tim John, Aled Simons)

Erik Benjamins

BpOlar (Dirk Driesen)

Annike Cassidy

Peter Courtemanche & Anna Friz

Common Culture (David Campbell, Mark Durden, Ian Brown)

Rhys Davies

Glenn Harvey

Hedsor (Karl & Kimberly Foster)

Arran Hodgson

Matt Hulse

Joan Jones

Lyndon Jones

Bella Kerr

Steven Paige

David Pitt

Théâtre de la Liberté

Fern Thomas

Ward Weiss

Nick Lee

Image by Markus Kirsch

Private view / Golwg Breifat

Saturday 14th January 2012 7 – 9.30PM
Sadwrn 13eg Ionawr 2012 7 – 9.30YP

Exhibition continues until 28th January 2012
Arddangosfa yn parhau tan 28ain Ionawr 2012

Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5PM
Amserau agor Mercher – Sadwrn 12 – 5YP

Admission free / Mynediad yn rhad ac am ddim