Amy Edwards


Amy Edwards is a Welsh based artist who has an interdisciplinary focus, she aims to questions the idea of reality in our contemporary environment and her work explores dimensional possibilities. She does this through a multi-disciplinary practice that includes performance, installation or web based projects. Working primarily with found texts, video and images from the Internet, Edward’s explores the deep recesses of the cyberspace. Through appropriating ‘disturbing’ subjects, she attempts to raise them to the surface in order to reveal other connotations

In 2013 she graduated from the university previously known as Swansea Metropolitan University Fine Art (Combined Media) Last year she was selected as a finalist for the Signature Art prize and presented her work in Spitalfields Market in London. She has been part of an art collective ‘AE101’ and took part in a series of performances, one of them being ‘NOSON Public Information Night 2’ held by Oriel Myrddin gallery. Recently she has been awarded as The Young International Welsh Artist of the Year run by the British Council. This September she will be studying for an MFA in Cardiff Metropolitan University.