Online Artist Talk: Patricia Ziad | 15th July 2020

Recording of the talk coming soon!

Patricia Ziad’s photographic practice explore and experiment with the blurry line between photographic and artistic process. Ziad is particularly interested in responding to experience or context through impulsive, intuitive image making, which she produces using both alternative photographic practice and more painterly techniques.

Subjects that hold the most interest for the artist are social history, post- industrial, urban, and abstract using film and a medium format Hasselblad. Alternative processes are primarily chemigrams, using expired paper, new paper, exposed paper, new and old chemicals and a wide variety of resists and techniques.

This elysium gallery led event was made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales National Lottery stabilisation Fund. Helping support artists and arts organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic
instagram: @patriciaziad