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Bill Bytheway is a sketcher. He draws what he sees in front of him, using pen and ink and, occasionally, water colour. His objectives are a) to document the social world and the built and natural environments, and b) to explore the relations between material objects and two-dimensional visual representations. These interests echo those of his former career in social research.

He has sketched all his life, occasionally being commissioned to produce illustrations or cartoons for publication. He has started sketching on a daily basis in the last few years.

Born in York, he moved to live in Swansea in 1975. He is a member of a Swansea-based drawing group that has met weekly since 2012 and, in 2013, he joined Urban Sketchers, a global network with over 8,000 members. He has uploaded over 1000 sketches on to flickr (, most of which he has added to the Urban Sketchers flickr pool. He administers an online flickr group titled Urban Sketchers Swansea (