Cerys Thomas – Ford


Working mainly in performance and text, Cerys Thomas-Ford’s work explores themes of nostalgia, loss, desire and the idealisation of the unattainable. Cerys works site-specifically, responding to prompts in the landscape/ place, fragments of stories and snippets of information to create an ambiguous space between fiction and reality. She utilises ephemeral acts and materials to construct equally tenuous narratives where truth and reality are a slant told tale and fact and fiction are never autonomous.

Cerys is preoccupied with documenting her psychic space; handwriting streams of consciousness plays a big part in her work, which then often culminates in a creation of works that merge fictitious accounts with real ones, through the process of performance and live writing in dispersible materials to explore and depict the nature of our interactions and the imprints left on and by us.

Having gained a BA(Hons) in fine art at Swansea Metropolitan University in 2011, Cerys is currently studying towards an MA in Contemporary Dialogues at the university (now UWTSD) graduating in 2015.