Communications and marketing officer

This job requires the candidate to be a Welsh speaker


Swansea (some travel may be required)


Part time 18 hours per week


£13,104 (£26,936 pro rata)


Welsh speaking/writing essential.

About us:

Elysium gallery is a non-profit contemporary arts and studios provider that fosters education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change.

Founded in 2007, Elysium is an artist-led organisation, that supports and promotes the arts in Swansea and beyond with an emphasis on collaboration and community, promoting education, participation, experimentation, freedom, and appreciation in all creative practices.

About the role:

This role will play a crucial role in shaping and executing the communication strategy of the gallery and will oversee an established team. The Communications and Marketing Officer will play a multifaceted role in promoting the gallery’s exhibitions and events, enhancing its reputation, and engaging with audiences both online and offline. They must possess strong communication, organizational, and strategic skills, as well as an understanding of the art world and contemporary communication channels.


  • Developing Communication Strategy: Developing a comprehensive communication strategy aligned with Elysium’s overall objectives, encompassing media relations, digital communication, public relations, and marketing efforts.
  • Media Relations: Overseeing Elysium’s relationships with media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Pitching stories, arranging interviews, and facilitating press coverage to increase visibility and promote its exhibitions and events.
  • Digital Communication: Overseeing Elysium’s online presence, including the gallery’s website, social media channels, email newsletters, and other digital platforms to engage with audiences and promote exhibitions.
  • Public Relations: Coordinating public relations efforts to enhance Elysium’s reputation and public image, organising press events, writing press releases, and managing crisis communications if issues arise.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Collaborating to develop advertising campaigns and promotional materials that effectively reach the target audience and drive attendance to exhibitions and events.
  • Internal Communication: Ensuring effective communication within the gallery, coordinating with other departments to disseminate information about upcoming exhibitions, programming, and other relevant news.
  • Collaboration with Artists and Curators: Working closely with artists, curators, and staff to develop communication strategies that accurately reflect the vision and goals of each exhibition or project.
  • Monitoring and Analysis: Monitoring the effectiveness of communication efforts using metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and press coverage. Make adjustments, based off this data, to the communication strategy as needed to optimize results.
  • Cultural and Diversity Awareness: Ensuring that educational programs are culturally inclusive and sensitive to diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and learning styles, and incorporating elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion into program content and activities.


Candidate requirements:

  • Fluent in Welsh, both speaking and writing.
  • Experience in developing communications strategies.
  • Experience of managing relationships with external stakeholders
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts to a wide range of audiences.
  • 2 years experience in a comms role


  • Passionate and knowledgeable about the arts
  • Experience of collaborating with artists
  • An understanding of EDI strategy

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to

Closing date: 24/05/2024