Connor Cooper

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Connor Cooper is an artist that chooses to use bold black line work with selected colour palletes to create imagery. After growing tired of the fragility that comes with pen on paper Connor decided to experiment. Using materials that varied from Acrylic paint on Found pieces of wood to Liquid resin. Connors recent work focuses on creating small-scale sculpture often referred to as art toys, these sculptures are created by casting resin into silicone moulds. These 3D pieces also came from a fascination with 3d printing and the potential uses.


These sculptures are a way for Connor to feel his work in hand and make his characters come to life. Connor is currently trying to experience varying degrees of scale whilst getting ready for his end of degree show. The term scale can be explored in 2 simple ways and Connor is trying to accomplish both of these. The first way is scale in terms of size, for this Connor is exploring ways to create a 4-6 foot sculpture. The second way Connor is exploring scale is in the amount of work created, Connor is exploring this by creating over 100 small scale resin sculptures to be wall mounted/to be made ready for sale.

Originally from West Yorkshire Connor Cooper studied art and design, which then led on to a BA degree at Swansea Metropolitan University. The Change in location gave Connor opportunities to collaborate and work with various artists in different ways. Connor spent around a year working at a live art social event know as Sink which involved artwork being created on a stage whilst the nightclub was open for business. This event led to festival work and a small event for red bull recycling Connor also had the chance to work in the props making department on the Da Vinci’s Demons set for a short while. This experience allowed Connor to learn the tricks of the trade in resin casting and refine his own techniques to further his own work.

Connor currently lives and works in Swansea