Dave Long











Developing a style that incorporated both technical skill and a conceptual edge, David Long creates small scale, intimate illustrations as well as large Murals, Live-painted art events and mixed media pieces.  The form and function as well as the purpose and process of line making are what drive David to push his style and the integrity of his conceptual work.  Imagery is a double edged sword in David’s world.  Beauty and brutality can co-exist: figurative works are often entangled amongst abstraction and harsh Graff-Inspired lines and markings.  Seductive female forms or adorable woodland creatures are often scarred or blinded, obscured behind suffocating organic forms.

David studied at the Swansea Metropolitan University until 2011, upon where he set sail aboard the Freelance vessel over the choppy and deeply unsettling waters of an independent artistic career.

David works alongside his colleagues in the collective A1W (AllOneWord) and together they travel the world, throwing up murals and illustrations for community events, music festivals and small businesses.