Artist Talk: Michael Kirchoff

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elysium gallery continues with its series of online art talks by inviting you to a scheduled Zoom event with photographer and Co-Founder of Analog Forever Magazine, Michael Kirchoff.

Topic: Artist Talk: Michael Kirchoff
Time: Weds Aug 19, 2020 7:30 PM (UK Time)


Kirchoff has a passion and addiction for photography that surpasses the tools used to make pictures. The latest digital technology, to the film based toy camera, to long expired Polaroid materials, are all instruments used in creating this art. Forging the dramatic image is the essence of that passion. His work can be recognized by a time-less and ethereal quality where the imperfections of the subject, camera, or tech-nique are often highlighted as an integral part of the image. Michael resides in Los Angeles, CA, but travels the world to make unique and compelling pictures whenev-er possible.

This elysium gallery led online project is made possible by the Arts Council of Wales and National Lottery stabilisation fund enabling us to support artists during the COVID-19 uncertainty.

Instagram: @michaelkirchoff
Twitter: @michaelkirchoff

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