Class Struggle is Back – Strikes, why Labour fails and revolution

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‘Class Struggle is Back – Strikes, why Labour fails and revolution’
Wed November 9th – 7.30pm

Elysium Gallery & Bar
210 High Street,

(Also online: Zoom 902 964 963)


Are you inspired by the strikes against Tory austerity? Do you want to see more resistance? This is the meeting for you.

The one-sided class war is over. For the first time in decades, the Tory party and the bosses are scared of the collective power of working class people.

The rail and BT workers’ walkouts this summer have been solid, and won lots of support from the labour movement and wider society. They’ve now spread to Royal Mail. And the new mood of resistance is beginning to take root, with a host of local disputes and wildcat strikes such as Amazon.

But while the Tories plan class war, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party offers no solution to the cost of living crisis and moves further rightwards.

Yet strikes give workers real power. And they show the potential of working class people to transform the world, and build a society run from the bottom up.

We need much more working class revolt to take on the multiple crises that threaten our very existence—from war to climate catastrophe. And we need a revolutionary socialist organisation that bases itself on working class struggle, not parliament, and sees it as the way to win the socialist transformation of society.

All welcome