Coda Humm VII: The Cult of the Wax Nose

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Its 12 years to the day since elysium gallery first opened its doors directly across the road at 41 High St.

It is also 157 years since 210 High Street resident Llewellyn Prichard died. A celebrated writer and actor in his time, his nose was cut off in a duel by his opponent’s sword and for the rest of his life he wore a wax substitute, held in place by his spectacles. It made him look ridiculous, he was jeered by local children, forced his retirement from acting where he entered a downward spiral into alcholism and a horrific death. As Dylan Thomas once wrote in the Herald of Wales, Llewelyn Prichard “failed to be great but he failed with genius.”

Tonight we will celebrate the man, reclaim his good name and the fact that we are somehow still going after 12 eventful years.

Fake replacement Nose wearing is desired. Collect your reward and wisdom from the cult of the Wax Nose. We also have live music ALL NIGHT with: House of Queenie Flowers, Neil Pulling, King of Despair, Portals

FREE DRINK to anyone else who can prove their own birthday on the night.