Is this / This is… Fran Williams

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Open to elysium studio members and guests only.

Painter Fran Williams will be in residence throughout October at the is this/this is… project space. She sees her paintings as a journey in mark-making, continually experimenting with different techniques and allowing spontaneity and chance to dictate the outcome. Her work looks to express the emotional scale we travel up and down on throughout this life and this results as a visual diary of how the artist feels and views the world around her.

Born in Swansea, Fran studied illustration at UWTSD where she soon found herself becoming more drawn to painting and began to experiment with different materials and techniques.

‘(Painting) woke me up in many ways and allowed me to channel my energies and sensory perceptions of the world into something tangible…the sensitivity I felt in life up until that point hadn’t really served a purpose that was useful or enjoyable to me but with paint and surface I could become plugged in and participate in an experience where everything I felt was useful and the actual activity of painting stimulated new energy within me that was addictive l…painting for me has become a fuel and the main generator of energy and inspiration in my life to this point’.

Fran held her first solo show with elysiumgallery in 2008 and her career took off from there. She now exhibits regularly in Bristol,Edinburgh and London.

Situated in the elysiumgallery High Street studios, the is this/this is test-bed space is primarily used by residency artists and the elysiumgallery studios community. The aim is to enable artists to work and experiment towards creating new work in an environment outside of their usual studio practice in preparation for critical discussions within the group. The space enables artists to develop, to build, to take risks, to test and to invite peers to see the work in progress.