Journey to the moon and sun- Photography from China

Event Details

Preview: October 27th, 5.30 – 8 pm

Exhibition 28th October – November 12th ( Closed on Mondays and Sundays ) 11am – 4pm

Venue: College Street Gallery, Elysium Gallery, 16 College Street, Swansea, SA1 5BH, Wales


Chen Yineng,  Fan Xiaoying,  He Yusheng,  Li Suqing,  Li Yihao,  Niu Xue, Ren Ting,  Wang Peibei,  Zhang Qiuwen

The photography on show presents different regional and cultural perspectives upon the idea of landscape in relation to rapid development and change in China.  Most of the photographs were taken in the cities where the artists live or the hometown where they were born. They offer personal and poetic observations of their daily landscapes. They are records and reflections of social change, as well as expressions of the land and the world.

Chen Yineng’s photographs of Chang’an, record the pathos and poetry of an ancient civilization and the modern bustling changes of the city; Fan Xiaoying’s works are taken in her hometown Liaoning province. In the face of the changes of industrialization, her childhood memories have become gradually blurred. He Yusheng pictures Beijing and its surrounding suburbs, reflecting his feelings about life in these areas; Li Suqing examines urban life in a fragmented way attentive to individual living conditions. Li Yihao uses aerial photography to record the traces of human activities and present the appearance of nature. Niu Xue stares at old walls and sees the accumulation of history and years in parts of these walls. Ren Ting’s video work, shot in Hainan, rethinks the relationship between humans and nature; Wang Peibei photographed modern life on the streets of Shanghai, and Zhang Qiuwen documents nature at high altitudes.

Journey to the moon and sun is a project initiated by visiting scholar Zhang Qiuwen under the guidance of Professor Mark Durden and Peter Finnemore at the University of South Wales.  For this show Qiuwen has invited nine artists from different provinces of China, who are both university teachers and independent artists. This is the first time that these artists and their works will be exhibited in Wales. The exhibition will open on October 27th 2022.

Academic Guidance:

Mark Durden

Peter Finnemore


Zhang Qiuwen

The Organizers :

University of South Wales, European Center for Documentary Research

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Center for Cultural Quality Education of College Students

Elysium Gallery and Studios, Swansea