Live Comedy: Edinburgh Fringe Previews

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Two AMAZING Edinburgh Fringe show previews from Sarah Bridgeman (former Ministry of Absurdism super star) and Captain Ali (looks suspiciously like the MC from recent Ministry of Absurdism nights)

Free entry, donations welcome.
Absurdity by Captain Ali Hancock
Captain Ali, the famously heroic explorer of time, space and all reality. Every woman wants to be her, every man also wants to be her!
Hilarious and surreal character comedy with Ali Hancock.

Paper Moon, Sarah Bridgeman
Paper Moon This is a story about a photograph and its consequences on a young girl. A lovely nostalgic look back at a pivotal moment in a young girl’s life.
Praise for Sarah – Smashing funny act, full of great ideas and beautifully delivered – Barbara Nice
A joke machine – Jamie Owen, BBC Wales