Live Music: Sigiriya + Sallow + Mines + Lurcher

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Strap in. This one is going to be loud.

Shine on… � Welsh mountain men and valley crawlers Sigiriya are the first to admit to their faults – and yes, they got it wrong. The darkness hadn’t died. The eternal turn is undeniable. After the light of every day comes a veil of night, throwing real-world shadows into the soul of the Light Seeker. �

Their latest album – ‘Maiden Mother Crone’ – is undeniably heavier, slower and darker in places, yet in others it soars and roars higher and brighter than ever. More mature in its focus, sound and integration of lyrics and influences than previous releases, with ‘Maiden Mother Crone’, Sigiriya shine onwards through this eternally turning cosmos.

They are joined by:


A name originally crafted from the word of the day, Sallow have made an impression on fans and critics alike in Manchester. Originally from Kent, the band have been on the Manchester scene for several months and just released their debut single. “They’re vocally guttural and strained but rarely scream. And what this all means is that they fulfill the paradoxical brief required to be accessibly inaccessible” – RGM MAGAZINE.

Swinging psych full of hard rock sensitivities with a strong British blues backbone. Sweet, raw vocals sore over tight angular structures and grooves decorated by solos of unconventional ferocity and elegance. Sallow are one of those bands where all four members have a strong sonic character that sits and works in unison. Rock-solid drum grooves complimented by elaborate but perfectly pocketed bass work over a flexible, multi-octave voice that soars and roars; one moment a choir, one moment a jet engine.

All held together by unconventional, often chromatic and spiraling lead guitar. Songs of hope and doom: one foot in the esteemed rock of the past, one foot forging ahead into strange futures.


If filthy blackened sludge wrapped up in a post-metal vision is your idea of musical heaven, or should that be hell, then you really need to sit up and take note of Swansea’s seventh son’s Mines. Starting off life off as a duo with their self-titled debut release back in 2017, the band is an entirely different beast as they now consist of five members. Latest album – Your Ever Failing Happiness – was reviewed excellently and we’re delighted to add them to this bill.


The West Wales-based trio deal in heavy riffs, moody atmosphere and a general ‘90s-ness’ that evokes some of the finest bands of that era (specifically Clutch, Kyuss and Soundgarden). Their debut EP – Coma – set the scene alight and they complete what we’re sure you’d agree is an absolutely stacked bill.

7pm. Free entry.