Modern Humans and News From Nowhere

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Modern Humans
News From Nowhere
Edward Hancock

Live original music

Modern Humans
Playing songs from the album ‘arty farty’ and some of their back catalogue plus a couple of new songs. Modern Humans supply you with art rock, heavy duty synth pop-rock, a little infectious afro-pop in the shape of their latest single ‘Ipso Facto’, and probably some ‘Music To Cry To’ too. Come and dance in the ruins with Modern Humans. I’ve sent you a co-host invite for our event but its probably best to start a new one as you will have more facecrook followers.

News From Nowhere’s music is colourful and adventurous, fusing elements of prog rock with a folky lyrical sensibility and a spacey, hazy, psychedelic sound.

Modern Humans on You Tube:

Ipso Facto / European Dreamer / Waiting for the Sunrise