Online Artist Talk – David Sladek: On the Culture of Protest

Event Details

Elysium Gallery continues with its series of special online artist talks and invites you to a scheduled Zoom event.
Topic: David Sladek: On the Culture of Protest
Time: Dec 2, 2020 7:30 PM UK Time
Meeting ID: 886 3515 5381
Passcode: 745106
Photographer David Sladek talks about his ongoing documentary project, ‘On the Culture of Protest’.
3+ Years of PRotest in London, 100+ Demonstrators, Countless Causes, The Brexit Journey, one photographer.
‘It is near impossible to escape everyday news of protests around the world, 2019/20 has seen many nations stand up to oppression and fighting for their rights, equality, and survival. Many revolts are still ongoing. During this time, I have photographed almost 150 protest events on the streets of London covering a wide range of issues such as: Brexit, Black Lives Matter, NHS funding, #metoo, racism, Windrush, LGBTQ rights to name just a few. I am documenting a fascinating moment in British society through images of passion, emotion, hope and fear. A portrait of the protest culture in an increasingly virtual world as a fresh reminder that – when the right call comes – people are still willing to flood the streets and fight for their rights’.
This elysium gallery & ChangeMakers Swansea led event was made possible through funding from the @celfcymruarts & @nationallotterygoodcauses helping support artists and grass roots arts organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.