Painting Workshops With Fran Williams

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This event finished on 28 September 2023

Painting Workshops With Fran Williams

Come and join Swansea painter Fran Williams as she leads a
series of relaxed and informal art classes, painting and experimenting with acrylics, oils and charcoal etc whilst exploring different techniques.

Fran, who has been painting full time for the past 12 years will share
some of the quite intuitive approaches she takes to her own practice and her use of paint.

She will be painting alongside the group, guiding participants towards a finished painting at the end of each session.

Absolutely all abilities are welcome.. the more variation the more
interesting the sessions will be.

Each week we will discuss and paint a different theme, using some of
Frans past work as a starting point.

Participants will be encouraged (if they want to) to bring in examples of their past/present work, to chat about it with the group.

These classes will be relaxed and not only a painting session but also an opportunity for us to chat and share with one another some of the ideas behind our work, process and why we do the things we love, such as painting.

Please bring your own materials, such as acrylics, oils, inks, charcoal

An email will be sent out to participants a few days prior to
class, listing which materials we will be working with 🙂

Classes for September are an introductory price of £20

Booking essential due to limited spaces…follow the link to book your space!

Session 1 –

Session 2 –

Session 3 –

Session 4 –

We look forward to seeing you Xx

Dates –

7th September – Landscape/Dreamscape (Imaginary/interpreted
landscape/seascape painting)
Charcoal, Acrylics and Oil Paint

14th September – Figures, form, silhouettes and Angels.
(painting the human form and portraying the inner self)
Charcoal, Acrylics, Oil Paint

21st September – Still Life
(painting flowers/objects)
Inks, Charcoal, Oil Paint

28th September – Cityscape (painting/portraying Swansea City)
Charcoal, acrylics, Oil paint